Swedish 60 min 40 €

Back, shoulders, neck, lumbar, legs, abdomen, arms, cleavage and head.

Relieves the muscle fatigue, improve sleep.

Sport 70 min 40 €

Deep massage for reducing tension and stiffness in the muscles.

Ideal to prepare muscles before training or recover after effort, the session ends with stretching.

Also suits people who do not practise sport.

Californian 60 min 40 €

With a warm massage oil

Massage combining several relaxing techniques, wide, enveloping movements and muscular manipulations giving the feeling to sculpt the body.
Reduces stress, one moment to give in yourself and reconcile with one's body.

Chi Foot Massage 30 min 20 €

Relaxing maneuvers and pressures in reflex zone foot.

By means of a stick of wood using the basic reflexology technique, the foot is massed in depth.

Massage Sessions

  • 5 Massage 60 min  160

Balinese 60 min 40 €
Originally from the exotic island of Bali, it feeds on various traditions, Hindu medicine to the different teachings of Chinese medicine.
Combining many techniques, it brings relaxing effects, oxygen blood and Qi (energy).
Positive effect on migraines, muscle pain, joint pain, sleep disorder, stress.

Indian Head Massage 30 min 20 €

Scalp massage, neck, shoulders, arms and lymphatic drainage of the face.

Harmonize the energy, increases the concentration,
improve hair strength.

Relieve tension, headaches, stress or insomnia.

Kobido 30 min 20 €
Japanese anti-ageing massage of the face in the shea butter.
Fights against skin slackening, stimulates microcirculation, lights up complexion and increases elasticity to the skin, reduces stress effects on the wrinkles of expression.

  • Soothing smells go with you
  • Relaxing music
  • Massages in the sweet almond oil
  • Non sexual character