Holistic Relaxing 60'  30 €

Back, shoulders, neck, lumbar, legs, abdomen, arms, cleavage and head.

Relieves the muscle fatigue, improve sleep.

Deep Tissue 60'  35 €

Deep massage for reducing tension and muscles  contractures.

Holistic Relaxing 30'  20 €

Back, shoulders, neck, lumbar, back of the legs.

Circulatory 30'  20 €

Leg massage, helps the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, oxygenate the body.

Reduces the swelling in tissue.

Chi Foot Massage 30'  20 €

Relaxing maneuvers and pressures in reflex zone of the foot.

By means of a stick of wood using the basic reflexology technique, the foot is massed in depth.

Indian Head Massage 30'  20 €

Scalp massage, neck and shoulders.

Relieves tension and headaches, stress or insomnia.

Relax mind, improve hair strength.

Polynesian Escape 90'  35 €
Body peeling with grains of black sand from Bora Bora and coconut shell, followed by a massage in the coconut oil.

Oriental Prelude 90'  35 €

Body peeling in the Moroccan black soap in the argan oil.

Practised with a glove kessa followed by a massage in the sweet almond oil.

Face 20'  10 €

Face massage in the shea butter.

Nourishes, calms, moisturizes and improves the elasticity to the skin.

Movements for relaxing and toning the facial muscles.

  • Soothing smells go with you
  • Relaxing music
  • Massages in the sweet almond oil
  • Non sexual character