• Improve nutrient circulation, oxygenate the body
  • Relieve pain, stiffness and the muscle fatigue
  • Help the lymphatic drainage, reduce the swelling in tissue
  • Relieve pain of the fatigue joint
  • Activate the elimination of dead cells
  • Promote a complete relaxation, improve sleep
  • Speed digestion and elimination of metabolic wastes
  • Reduce the tension and stress effects
  • Relax the mind and anxiety
  • Increase energy levels



We have quite a different skin with very specific characteristics.
The nature of our skin can also change during our life.
Hormones, the age, climate, all these factors
make that our skin can evolve.

Normal, combination, oily or dry,
hydrate your skin of the inside.
Protect your skin with a good sun protection factor,

don't think if your skin is more tanned, it less needs protection !


And you... What is your skin type ?


1) Normal Skin

Well-balanced, smooth, its pores are little visible and present little of inperfections.

You just have to clean and to hydrate it, this skin type also needs to be protected against the attacks outside

and has to cope the skin aging.


2) Dry Skin

With its fine grain and of very rare imperfections, the dry skin is a smooth skin.

It's lacking flexibility, water and sebum, where from this impression of tightnesses, it needs to be hydrated in depth.


3) Oily Skin

More thick, the oily skin is less sensitive to the outside attacks and subject to wrinkles.

Its pores are dilated, it can have an excess sebum favoring the appearance of blackheads or cysts.

It needs to be purified, balanced.

If your skin presents an acne problem, please consult a dermatologist.


4) Combination Skin

The combination skin is a combination of an oily area (the zone T: forehead, nose, chin) and of a dry area (cheeks and temples).

It needs at the same time to be cleansed without aggression and to have one a good hydration.

The Virtues of the Face Massage


Our skin is regularly exposed to environmental damage, such as

the pollution, temperatures changes, hard water or

a use of unsuitable cosmetics for our skin.


A smile, a grimace, a frown, the muscles of our face work

throughout the day and in a repeated way.

Therefore, it's essential to take care of our skin daily.


  • Massage restores radiance to the skin while stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • It prepares the skin to assimilate better the active ingredients of our skincare cream and detoxifies the body.
  • Relaxes muscles and smooths the lines of face.
  • Massage movements send a positive message to our brain, freeing endorphins, providing us pleasure, well-being feeling and rest.